Call for Innovators for the Future 2020 Results

Innovators for the Future Class of 2020

The Futures Project is incredibly proud to introduce our 2020 Cohort of Innovators for the Future! Out of nearly 600 applications from over 92 countries received during our first global Call to Action for Innovators for the Future, these 18 organisations stand out for their innovative, systemic approaches to making positive impact for the future. This group will be the inaugural class of the TFP Accelerator in 2021 and we can’t wait to work with these talented, committed individuals as they continue to grow their impact. Get to know the 2020 Cohort below.


Aeloi Technologies

Kathmandu, Nepal. Aeloi Technologies has built an inclusive platform using digital tokens to provide affordable financing to informal sector microentrepreneurs.


Berlin, Germany. Anywhere.Africa makes off-road electric cargo bikes to deliver goods and services using the existing infrastructure of Africa without need for construction, including paths, tracks and broken roads.

BioPlaster Research

Mexico City, Mexico. BioPlaster Research has developed a biodegradable biopolymer which aims to tackle the issue of plastic pollution and ecosystem deterioration exacerbated by sargassum massive blooms in coastal environments.

Bountifield International: Postharvest Technology

Minnesota, USA. Bountifield International: Postharvest Technology is contributing to food and sustainable growth in Africa by unlocking smallholder farmers’ access to post-harvest technology

Build Up Nepal Engineering

Kathmandu, Nepal. Build Up Nepal Engineering empowers rural entrepreneurs and communities to build safe, affordable homes and resilient incomes.


London, United Kingdom. inHive enables teachers and young leaders to develop the skills and tools needed to establish effective networks and connect and be inspired by past alumni.


Düsseldorf, Germany. Kerith is building a cloud-based tool that uses algorithms to optimize the location and construction of components of energy systems.

MAX Mobility & Agro

Lagos, Nigeria. MAX provides technology and financing infrastructure for motorcycle-taxis in West Africa.

Ocean Guardians: Coral Reef Club Project

Inhambane, Mozambique.Ocean Guardians is raising a generation of youth who understand and cherish the ocean by providing marine conservation and gender equality education.

The Pink Shuttle

Kabul, Afghanistan. As the first women-only transportation service in Afghanistan, the Pink Shuttle fosters women’s independence, economic and social autonomy.

Reap Benefit Foundation

Bangalore, India. The Reap Benefit Foundation is a citizen participation and leadership platform that mentors youth towards tackling local issues, combining technology, people and government.

Ritma Green: Sustainable Coffee Agribusiness

Makassar, Indonesia. Ritma Green promotes sustainable coffee production and smallholder coffee farmers´ resilience to climate change and pandemic.


Hawaii, USA. RIZOME is pioneering climate-positive bamboo engineered lumber, which is one of the most scalable technologies for carbon drawdown on earth.

Sehat Kahani

Karachi, Pakistan. Through their mobile application and helpline, Sehat Kahani delivers accessible remote health services while empowering female healthcare professionals.

The Inga Foundation

Cornwall, UK. The Inga Foundation: Land for Life implements alley-cropping, an alternative to the slash-and-burn agriculture. It provides food security for farmers while also protecting the environment.


Paynesville, Liberia. TRIBE is an education social enterprise inspiring and empowering a new generation of purpose-driven young entrepreneurs and innovators.

Wasser 3.0 PEX

Karlsruhe, Germany. Wasser 3.0 gGmbH is counteracting global water pollution by micro pollutants with solution-oriented research and innovation. Its Wasser 3.0 PE-X® initiative removes microplastics from water sustainably and efficiently.


Marseille, France. Wetopia is co-creating more resilient cities from the bottom-up, bringing policy-makers, civil society, and citizens together to collaboratively make better, more inclusive cities.

Semi-Finalists 2020

While our 2020 Cohort of Innovators for the Future has just 18 outstanding members, we received applications from many inspiring, impactful organisations from around the world. These Semi-Finalists take a thoughtful approach to innovation for the future, prioritising the well-being of people and planet in their commitment to making a difference. The Semi-Finalists were selected through a rigorous evaluation process, passing both a pre-screening and an evaluation by our panel of Experts. Learn more about these inspiring initiatives in the gallery below.

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