A Water Kiosk at School

Kenya & Rwanda







Through student-run kiosks, A Water Kiosk at School provides communities with clean water, develops students’ entrepreneurial skills, and supports schools.

The Project

A Water Kiosk at School builds water stations in rural communities without tap water systems, and helps students sell this affordable water to their communities through school-based kiosks. The project provides water-saving tap stations and hand-washing facilities, refillable water bottles for students, and carts to safely transport water. Students gain business, collaboration, and leadership skills by selling water, and work with teachers to compile reports. Children no longer have to travel to neighbouring communities for clean water, and instead spend more time in school. Profits from the kiosks help schools improve their sanitation facilities, while a loan system distributes funds to additional schools. Through 12 water kiosks in Kenyan and Rwandan communities, the project has helped over 120,000 people to date access clean water and improved over 6,500 students’ attendance. Moving forward, A Water Kiosk at School plans to replicate the project throughout East and West Africa.

Their Vision for the Future

A Water Kiosk at School envisions empowered rural communities with affordable access to clean water and financially sustainable schools for all. They see schools being able to improve their sanitation facilities, while launching projects from planting community forests to building science laboratories.