Bountifield International: Postharvest Technology


Bountifield International is contributing to food and sustainable growth in Africa by unlocking smallholder farmers’ access to post-harvest technology.

The Project

Bountifield is a postharvest technology solution provider for smallholder markets in Africa. Bountifield has developed a business model that prioritizes the development of rural micro-enterprises as fee-for-service providers to smallholder farmers. A one-to-many approach, it includes innovative financing for technology purchase, technical services and a strong brand. These micro-businesses are the missing link for supplying more staple crops to local and national markets throughout Africa and represents a key strategy for supporting local resilience and food access in the context of COVID.

Communities benefit with more quality food saved for consumption and sale. National food markets are bolstered. Bountifield’s approach also reduces time and labor required for post-harvest processing and creates new employment opportunities for women and youth in the rural sector. Bountifield was born out of General Mills, a U.S. based company that specializes innutritious grain snacks and other food products globally.

Their Vision For The Future

Bountifield envisions an Africa free from hunger, poised to feed the world; self-sufficient and resilient. This includes thriving rural communities that are food secure and nourished by locally produced food, where youth and women have access to employment.