Moscow, Russia







CLEAPL makes 100% biodegradable and edible straws and cups with all the properties of plastic, but a carbon footprint that is reduced by 12 times

The Project

CLEAPL developed an edible and biodegradable material based on plant-based byproducts, such as food waste. They improve the exploitation properties of native polymers through the biomodification of proteins and polysaccharides with an enzyme. Their material is 100% biodegradable and still has all of the properties of old-fashioned plastic: it is strong, resistant, and transparent. Their new material has a carbon footprint of 0.5kg CO2 per Kg of plant polymer, 12 times less when compared to oil source products.
This material can be used to produce straws, cups, laminate films, wrapping films, bags, sachet, and more. Currently, CLEAPL is organizing the production of environmentally friendly plastic straws and packaging in Russia, Kazakhstan, and France.

Their Vision for the Future

In the future imagined by CLEAPL, people’s philosophy on how to use plastic will be entirely different. Throwing out plastic trash under the trees will suddenly be positive, because all plastic products will be biodegradable, edible and act as fertilizers.