Ecobora: Solar Cook Stove








Ecobora equips rural, marginalized schools with solar-powered cook stoves that eliminate the use of expensive, polluting firewood.

The Project

Ecobora has engineered a solar cook stove that is being used by rural marginalized schools in Kenya to cook food for their students around the clock, by harvesting the sun’s energy and storing it in a repurposed oil tank. The wood or charcoal stoves traditionally used in schools create a lot of unhealthy smoke and have become very costly. Ecobora’s solar stoves completely eliminates the use of firewood and provide heat even during the rainy season.

Logging policies by the Kenyan government have made firewood much more expensive, resulting in increased tuition or meal fees and thereby threatening the accessibility of education. By providing rural schools with affordable clean cooking energy, Ecobora enables them to cut costs spent on firewood and instead invest in learning infrastructure like libraries and science labs. Ecobora also creates jobs by training engineers who offer installation, repair and maintenance services to the schools.

Their Vision for the Future

Ecobora wishes to see a future of sustainable and resilient communities that are powered by solar energy, where families in Sub-Saharan Africa are no longer dependent on firewood and charcoal to prepare meals. Their vision includes one where no child has to go hungry or pass up on an education, where rural communities work together to create access clean energy, where green energy will be used as a poverty eradication tool.