Kampala, Uganda







EcoPlastile works with women and youth to sustainably transform and recycle plastic garbage and packaging into plastic timbers that can substitute wood.

The Project

EcoPlastile uses chemical-free and energy-conserving technology to recycle and transform post-consumer plastic garbage and packaging materials into durable and long-lasting plastic timbers. Plastic timbers are an affordable alternative to wood timber. They reduce the need for building material manufactured from wood, helping to preserve forests, cutting down on deforestation and further mitigating the effects of climate change while improving access to medical services.

EcoPlastile allows slum dwellers to collect and use plastic waste as a form of financial resource in exchange for medical services and uses an innovative, chemical-free and energy-efficient technology to transform post-consumer waste into plastic poles, lumbers and tiles which replace expensive wooden timbers. The technology converts more than 10 different types of plastics and packaging materials, producing durable, long-lasting, termite resistant plastics to be used in building and construction.

Their Vision for the Future

EcoPlastile’s vision for the future combines social, economic and environmental perspectives. These include recycling waste plastic and providing an alternative type of waste management, an affordable alternative to timber (curbing deforestation and thus contributing to the fight against climate change) and providing employment to young people and enabling access to medical services for low-income families.