Accra, Ghana







Ecovon is developing sustainably sourced, newly engineered wood made from coconut husk and sugar cane bagasse, supplying the global market with a formaldehyde-free bio-based wood alternative.

The Project

Ecovon will bring the first non-additive, bio-based, renewable wood product to market which is naturally flame retardant and anti-fungal without added binders. Coconut husk has the highest lignin content of any known plant and this helps the raw material to bind into a hard board without the addition of any damaging glue. Due to its strength the board has the potential to be used for structural elements in buildings. These properties are better than comparable engineered woods on the market, which currently use additives and heavy chemicals to reach additional flame retardants.
Ecovon contributes to reduce CO2 emissions and deforestation while enriching the lives of locals in coconut and sugarcane producers.

Their Vision for the Future

Ecovon aims to create a “new wood” industry from coconut husk and sugarcane bagasse creating value-add for the poorest rural farmers and contributing to mitigate climate change.