Kano, Nigeria







eTrash2Cash helps low-income Nigerians to exchange their trash to cash, while creating awareness around sustainable environment and climate change. 

The Project

Each major city in Nigeria generates up to 10,000 metric tons of wastes daily. More than 80% of the wastes is potentially reusable, but less than 32% is recollected. Based on this situation, eTrash2Cash establishes waste collection centers across vulnerable communities and supports them to exchange their trash to cash.  The wastes collection centers guide the communities on the segregation methods, on how to use the digital platform, and serve as well to provide awareness on issues around environmental sustainability, covid-19, and climate change.

The users have the option to redeem their cash earnings instantly or to save their earnings over time and then use it to access better social care services, for instance, a micro-health insurance benefit in healthcare centers. The wastes collected in every waste center are evacuated to their central reprocessing and recycling centre. Currently, plastic wastes collected is recycled into bio-pellets raw materials and biodegradable trash bags, which are sold to customers, in order to generate revenue.


Their Vision for the Future

eTrashtoCash envisions a society that sees every “waste” as the true “resource” it is, a society that is sustainable, healthy, educated and informed about what sustainable environment and climate change entails.