Fly Girl Green Menstruation

Obiaruku, Nigeria







Fly Girl Green Menstruation distributes eco-friendly sanitary kits and menstrual hygiene information, ensuring vulnerable communities have access to sustainable, cost-effective menstrual products.

The Project

Fly Girl Green Menstruation distributes reusable sanitary pads and menstrual cups, while engaging with communities to spread information about menstrual hygiene. Underprivileged women and girls often use improvised and unhygienic menstrual products, stay home from school during menstruation, and lack access to information about menstrual hygiene. Additionally, disposable pads create a large amount of plastic waste. Fly Girl Green Menstruation responds to these problems by spreading eco-friendly, healthy, comfortable, and cost-effective reusable menstrual products.

The project sells these products to independent women in order to subsidise and donate them to underprivileged communities. Fly Girl Green Menstruation also engages community leaders to remove stigmas associated with periods. During lockdowns, the team aims to create support groups and engage volunteers to distribute period products and educational information.

Their Vision for the Future

Fly Girl Green Menstruation looks forward to a future where women and girls have access to sustainable, cost-effective Menstrual Hygiene Products. The team envisions an end to taboos and myths surrounding periods, and women no longer being deprived of opportunities because of their menstruation.