Greenfluidics: Intelligent Solar Biopanel

Toluca, Mexico







The Intelligent Solar Biopanel uses nanotechnology to generate clean energy that is transformed into electricity and microalgae to absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and transform it into oxygen.

The Project

The Biopanel functions as a bio air-filter, helping to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is an alternative that promotes energy efficiency, helping reduce electricity consumption from fossil fuels. In addition, its design allows it to be adaptable and scalable to different buildings.

This technological development also creates a database that allows the monitoring of places with the highest rates of carbon dioxide, as well as solar radiation, resulting in global reports that can contribute to monitor sustainability and environment regeneration.

Their Vision for the Future

GREEN fluidics has a vision of a world with green and sustainable cities where buildings are more energy efficient and provide the well-being and health that people deserve.