Düsseldorf, Germany

Kerith is building a cloud-based tool that uses algorithms to optimize the location and construction of components of energy systems.

The Project

We make sustainable energy systems more competitive by closing the gap between science and decision-makers. We are building a cloud-based tool that uses state of-the-art algorithms to optimize the location and construction as well as the investment time of every component of an energy system. As a result, we can map out a transition path from a current energy system to a sustainable energy system that is also cost-optimal. Mapping the exact transition path allows small communities and governments to focus their limited resources on optimal investment planning.

Infrastructure projects provide the opportunity to create jobs and reduce long-term electricity costs. However, they also require a reliable database and competent partners. Therefore, our tool also acts as a platform that brings energy industry players, communities, and start-ups together for more efficient cooperation.

Their Vision For The Future

The bulk of the electricity load is produced with photovoltaic and wind. They decreased the local emissions and reduced the electricity costs while creating jobs in cleaning panels and maintaining the wind turbines. More people can now afford electricity, and diseases associated with high air pollution are going down.