The Machbarschaft hotline and app connect the elderly and people
without internet access with neighbours to keep vulnerable groups safe.

The Project

Machbarschaft aims to build a sustainable network of care
and help within communities. The project provides a free hotline that uses Artificial
Intelligence to record requests from those without internet access. The requests
automatically become tasks displayed in an app, which then matches the tasks to local
volunteers. The project responds to the difficulties at-risk groups without internet access
face in accessing food, medicine, and other necessities, particularly during the Covid-19
pandemic. Machbarschaft aims to create connections that outlast the pandemic and
ultimately ensure no one is left behind. The Machbarschaft team also hopes to build on
existing local initiatives by helping them digitalise their activities.

Their Vision for the Future

Machbarschaft envisions a future of tight-knit communities, where asking for help and providing support are seen as strengths. The team hopes technological innovations will be considered valuable in driving social change, and everyone in need will have an accessible support system.