MAX Mobility & Agro

Lagos, Nigeria

MAX provides technology and financing infrastructure for motorcycle- taxis in West Africa.

The Project

MAX has built a proprietary mobility platform that provides vehicle financing, an e-hailing platform, and electric mobility infrastructure to drivers, enterprises, farmers and commuters in West Africa. MAX improves driver earnings to between 3x and 5x the Nigerian minimum wage while also delivering value-added services such as training, health-insurance, vehicle maintenance. They have devised a comprehensive solution that includes digital identities, defensive driving skills, quality vehicle financing, digital payments, electric vehicle infrastructure and an e-hailing platform that helps riders connect to commuters and businesses. They leverage exclusive manufacturer deals, low-cost credit, discounted insurance and a mobile marketplace to scale and retain drivers and users on our platform.

Their Vision For The Future

They are pioneering Africa’s forward movement by providing access to safe, affordable and reliable moto-taxis to one 1 billion Africans. Their mission is to eliminate fatalities associated with moto-taxis.