Mundo Posible Association








The Mundo Posible Association brings an offline digital library to
marginalised communities to facilitate homeschooling, teacher training, and information

The Project

The Mundo Posible Association brings RACHEL, a free offline digital library with curated local content in Spanish and various Mayan languages, to communities with limited internet access. Having implemented the platform in 300 schools, the team is currently working to ensure entire communities can access RACHEL on all wifi-enabled devices through a low- cost, sustainable community network. As these communities cannot fully benefit from existing distance learning options, this project ensures students have equal access to educational opportunities during lockdowns and beyond.

The project also trains teachers to adapt to remote teaching while helping local governments share important information through the platform. Additionally, organisations can use RACHEL to promote programs on issues such as health and environmental conservation. This project aims to improve access to world-class educational resources, as well as information from government and institutions.

Their Vision for the Future

The Mundo Posible Association envisions a future where teachers and students have equal access to educational resources and thrive academically through access to tailored learning opportunities. Students will see Information Technologies as powerful tools for learning and discovery, which can help them excel in various subjects and become engaged members of their communities.