NaFarm Foods

Kaduna, Nigeria







NaFarm foods is developing technology to help reduce food waste by mobilizing, training,
and providing technical support to cottage processors. NaFarm Foods is also improving
social and digital inclusion in the food supply chain through their platform.

The Project

Nafarm foods is an initiative that mobilizes and supports
cottage food processors through trainings in food processing/packaging and the provision of
technical support to help fight hunger, poverty, post-harvest losses, build community
cohesion and resilience against climate change. To reduce waste in agricultural sector, there
must be value addition followed by an effective “farm-to-fork” supply chain management.
Their approaches and operational strategies include mobilizing organizations &
cooperatives, providing access to shared processing facilities and warehouses to enable the cottage
processors process and also acquire operational licenses, provide market accessibility for our
target beneficiaries through their e-commerce platform.

Their Vision for the Future

To revolutionize agricultural sector starting in Nigeria and subsequently scaling to other African countries. To end hunger, poverty, foster social justice across African communities and enable them to become resilient to climate change.