New Delhi, India







Nostos provides a “shelter kit” for people displaced from their homes, restoring personal security, self-sufficiency, and dignity in times of crisis.

The Project

Nostos is an innovative design solution that pioneers the idea of building and providing a completely self-sufficient “shelter kit” for people displaced from their homes. It is a secure and fully functional living space that acts more than just a roof. It restores personal security, self-sufficiency, and dignity in times of crisis and displacement.

Nostos is a first-of-its-kind sustainable emergency shelter. The whole package includes 100 sq. ft. of living spaces, comprehensive sanitation systems, basic solar energy support, and renewable supply of safe water. Nostos comes in completely foldable, modular, lightweight shelter kits that can be customized for social distancing and transported at scale. Each shelter houses 6-7 people, costs less than 20 cents per person per day, and can be assembled in less than 1 hour by 4 people with basic instructions.

In the present times of COVID 19, their modular system architecture allows for easy deployment of temporary COVID shelters that can be reused at a different location and/or later repurposed as a permanent housing solution unit after proper sanitization.

Their Vision for the Future

Nostos envisions a world where no human lacks access to safe water, faces food insecurity or is forced to live in survival mode.