Ocean Guardians – Coral Reef Club Project

Inhambane, Mozambique

Ocean Guardians is raising a generation of guardians who understand and cherish the ocean by providing marine conservation and gender equality education.

The Project

The Marine Megafauna Foundation has developed an integrated marine conservation programme raising Ocean Guardians who are inspired by the ocean, equipped to safely enjoy the water, know why it needs to be conserved, and act to protect it. Through vocational internships, employment skills training, community outreach, and enrichment activities, Ocean Guardians inspire new ways of living and empower youth—especially girls—to advocate for positive change within their communities.

Educating young Mozambicans about marine wildlife and to be competent in the water empowers them to connect and be custodians of their underwater world. Through a pioneering combination of marine conservation education, swimming, and water-safety skill development, our Ocean Guardians program increases awareness of the threats to Mozambique’s marine environment at the same time as reducing the number of drowning incidents. It also enhances the capacity of coastal communities to conduct sustainable fishing practices and explore alternative livelihood opportunities. Our Ocean Guardians’ motto is to ‘Learn today, Act together, Protect tomorrow’.

Their Vision For The Future

Today’s youth become leaders of positive change in their communities, championing a new way of living, accessing increased educational opportunities, and preserving the health of the coastal ecosystem in the process.