Berlin, Germany

ODE systems´ app is a platform where individuals can undertake decisions with a supplementary support infrastructure that acts as a “teacher/ coach”, and helps users make a well-thought-out decision.

The Project

ODE is an objectified decision engine; they accompany individuals on their way to make better informed, transparent, and stress-free decisions. This will be done through their main product: the ODE app. With this app, a platform where individuals can undertake decisions, with a supplementary support-infrastructure which acts as a “teacher/coach”, will enable a better understanding of how to make a well-thought-out decision.

Decision-making has been named on numerous occasions as a fundamental skill that will help guide society toward a more sustainable way of undertaking personal life, of doing business, and actively get involved in our global world. The bottom-up approach uses the educative approach to teach and deepen competencies associated with decision-making and “earning processes”; to eliminate stressors and positively influence mental health. ODE offers space for the whole spectrum of decisions in private and professional life.

Their Vision for the Future

ODE believes that decision-making is an essential part of the individuals’ skillset, as set out by the World Economic Forum. Thus, the platform seeks to bring together the sciences of decision making and offer a safe hub where the decision process can be completed, reflected upon, communicated with communities, and outline results in a way that is just not currently possible.