Reap Benefit Foundation

Bangalore, India







The Reap Benefit Foundation is a citizen participation and leadership platform that mentors youth towards tackling local issues, combining technology, people and

The Project

Reap Benefit seeks to nurture youths towards civic participation through a leadership platform that provides mentorship and technology that is geared towards small but impactful solutions. Their three-pronged strategy combines technology, people, and government in order to solve pressing issues in the community. This not only improves levels of governance in these communities but also the quality of life.

By solving local civic issues, youth mentored by us support their local governments (mitigating state capacity gaps) and demand accountability of them. Reap Benefit’s methodology is based on a hybrid model that combines technology and mentorship. This includes boot camps and mentorship sessions, as wells as working with their partners in order to create a peer to peer network of problem solvers.

Their Vision for the Future

Reap Benefit envisions a world where every young person can be a citizen problem solver. They see the future as one where technology’s enabling role exponentially
grows the deeper harder work of changing socio-eco-civic systems at a community level, leading to a world where each citizen contributes to and demands of society and government an empowered equitable path to growth.