Refood Movement

Lisbon, Portugal







The Refood Movement organizes communities to prevent food waste, providing ‘the human bridge between excess and need’.

The Project

The Refood Movement is a local and citizen-driven force working to end food waste. They build teams of volunteers in communities, who form the ‘human bridge between excess and need’. Different teams of volunteers rescue food from dozens of partners each day, bringing it back to the operational center where other volunteers package it for distribution, based on the needs of each family.

Finally, other volunteers distribute those family packs to the beneficiaries so that they can enjoy their dinner around their own table, at home. By founding and growing local, self-sustaining centers for rescuing food, they are building on a global movement to end food waste.

Their Vision for the Future

The Refood Movement envisions and works toward a new world where food is not wasted, where people do not go hungry, and where
everyone learns to take responsibility for the management of the precious, but unused or underused, resources waiting to be activated in our local communities.