Ritma Green: Sustainable Coffee Agribusiness

Makassar, Indonesia







Ritma Green promotes smallholder coffee farmers´ resilience to climate change and pandemic and sustainable coffee production.

The Project

The project carries out integrated solutions both on-farm and off-farm with social, economic, and environmental interventions to promote smallholder coffee farmers´ resilience to climate change, enhance sustainable coffee production and improve the farmers´ livelihoods through the introduction and facilitation of climate change adaptation and mitigation, such as coffee seedlings, biogas, agroforestry.

Furthermore, the project builds the capacity of local organizations, like farmer groups and cooperatives, on organizational management and business development, and facilitates the marketing of farmers´ coffee harvest, adds value, and shortens the supply chain, helping the farmer to have better margins enabling them to reinvest in climate-smart technologies.

Their Vision for the Future

Ritma Green has a vision of a world where smallholder farmers´ apply Climate-Smart Agriculture making agricultural practices more purposeful, more productive, carbon-neutral, and resilient to climate change.