Salaam Bombay Foundation: Vocational Skills for Youth

Mumbai, India

Salaam Bombay Foundation bridges the digital divide, bringing opportunities to at-risk adolescents through their model of ‘anywhere, anytime’ experiential skills development.

The Project

The Salaam Bombay Foundation envisions a new normal where the delivery of education and skills is not restricted by any physical classroom boundaries or digital divide. Their ‘Phygital’ model of ‘anywhere, anytime’ experiential skills development uses digital platforms to provide access to market-relevant skills training to underprivileged children and adolescents.

They ensure the accessibility of their program by providing data packages and short-term borrowing of tablets. Portable practice kits delivered at home provide for an engaging hands-on experience. Apps they have developed a focus on employable and practical skills, such as English fluency and financial literacy. Their aim is to help students develop their aspirations and the motivation to complete their education and to provide opportunities for sustainable livelihoods for adolescents.

Their Vision For The Future

We envision a world with a major paradigm shift in terms of how education and skills were ever delivered, breaking the boundaries of physical school and enabling students to access learning ‘anytime, anywhere’. This shift will result in a shrinking digital divide and will be a solution to the problem of students having to leave their hometowns for quality education. It will ensure that students have ample unhindered learning opportunities resulting in the development of career aspirations, market relevant skills, and eventually sustainable livelihood outcomes.