SEED Foundation

Toronto, Canada







Building a system of digital libraries, SEED Foundation ensures
accessible and interactive books to the most underprivileged schools in Iran.

The Project

The SEED Foundation is building a system of digital libraries for schools across Iran to
provide free, online, accessible, and multimodal resources for 6-12-year-old children.
The library will be accessible through an application as well as a web-based service and will
include a set of gamified activities to help teachers to encourage learning among students.
Considering the ubiquitous presence of the Internet in Iran (about 90%), used tablets and
smartphones will be collected and retrofitted to equip schools with the proper devices to
access this digital library. With such a systemic approach, teachers and students from across
the country will be enabled to connect and exchange ideas and participate in various
projects to practice critical thinking, research, and collaboration. These digital libraries can
also be used as a nation-wide platform to disseminate specific and urgent information
during emergencies, such as providing information about preventative methods during a pandemic.

Their Vision for the Future

In the future, Iranian children will have equal access to quality books and
interesting learning resources, having a choice to read what they like in a way they prefer. Hence, they will have the skills to reflect on their learning path, develop critical and creative thinking, and, most importantly, they will dare to dream, question, and envision new possibilities.