soap & precede 

Hamburg, Germany







soap & precede is a low packaging, environmentally friendly
personal care product that is still the liquid product that customers love.

The Project

soap & precede’s product, the all-in. WASH., is a personal care product that is
environmentally friendly and low-packaging like a solid bar of soap, but yet the liquid
product customers love and prefer to use. Unlike traditional liquid products like shower gel
or shampoo, the all-in. WASH. saves up to 90% of CO 2 emissions and 95% of plastic
packaging during its life cycle.
The all-in. WASH. is based on the urgent need to come up with solutions that have a positive
impact on climate, waste, resources, and biodiversity, but also considers the preference of
the customers, which is essential to achieve great adoption rates. Their formula, a “powder-
to-liquid” formula, is to be mixed with tap water by customers at home. Hence, the
customers can still enjoy a liquid product, while also caring about sustainable life.

Their Vision for the Future

soap & precede envisions a future where personal care
is entirely reinvented: less clutter, less waste, more sustainability – while
maintaining all the comfort. They also imagine a future where the
personal care industry is more responsible, taking full accountability for their shipping packaging and designing it as minimalistic as possible.