Suryoday Trust

Mumbai, India







Through this project, Suryoday Trust has applied technology to automate the evaluation
tracking of children with special needs, thereby increasing transparency and improving student experiences.

The Project

One of Suryoday Trust’s core organizational beliefs is that every special
child possesses many skills and abilities and they have enormous potential for lifelong
growth and development. They just require the right training to lead a normal life. For
the same reason, specials schools are required to follow Individualized Education Program
(IEP) to clearly track and monitor the progress of every child.
Through this project, specific technology has been introduced and applied in order to automate the
evaluation tracking of Special Needs Children, thereby making it very transparent. Furthermore,
throughout its application, predictive analysis can eventually be done to derive the best
practices of special education training that can be adopted at classroom and school level.

Their Vision for the Future

A socially inclusive society where the progress of each special child is
articulated clearly and numerable students with potential have been transferred to mainstream school leading to a normal independent life. Through the data, research and innovation has been accelerated and which is leading to the best practices being adopted in this field.