The Pink Shuttle

Rome, Italy and Kabul, Afghanistan

As the first women-only transportation service in Afghanistan, the Pink Shuttle fosters women’s independence, economic and social autonomy.

The Project

The Pink Shuttle is the first women-only transportation service in Afghanistan, where independent businesswomen are driving for women in need. It solves two types of problems: mobility of women in Afghanistan and the lack of involvement of Afghan women in the business sector.

The Pink Shuttle counts currently on a fleet of 4 minivans and, to date, has offered 10,800 rides, what has helped the access of women to education and work opportunities. Based on the feedback of the drivers and the passengers during the pilot phase, in consistency with their business plan, their objective is to scale the project and support women entrepreneurs to create the first women-only transportation business in Afghanistan, a sustainable and financially feasible way of reaching women’s empowerment.

Their Vision For The Future

The Pink shuttle envisages a future, where women and men are perceived as equal and enjoy equity of treatment. In their view, women will fulfil their potentials, become economically and socially independent and contribute to the build of a just society.