Visual Voices

Nicosia, Cyprus







Visual Voices supports young visual artists affected by violent conflict through peace education, mentoring, and global platforms for artistic expression.

The Project

Visual Voices empowers marginalised young artists to share their perspectives in ways that build connections between communities and promote social change. Their residency programmes bring together artists from opposing communities involved in conflicts for peace education, professional artist mentoring, and applied cultural management skills. Artists learn to advocate for peace and stimulate dialogue through contemporary visual art. Their work is shared globally through non-commercial platforms, including digital exhibitions and the AR app, that promote user engagement and reflection. Visual Voices aims to challenge conflict narratives that exclude peace-supporting perspectives while perpetuating divisions and misunderstandings between communities. With Covid-19 exacerbating social divisions in Cyprus and worldwide, building understanding between communities remains extremely relevant. Visual Voices views socially-engaged artists as social leaders who can effectively communicate new perspectives.

Their Vision for the Future

Visual Voices envisions a global peace movement led by a network of artists from communities affected by violent conflict, who translate conflict into understanding. The team sees a future where artists motivate communities to engage in dialogue, introduce diverse perspectives, and promote civic participation.