Marseille, France







Wetopia is about co-creating more resilient cities from the bottom-up, bringing policy-makers, civil society, and citizens together to collaboratively make better, more inclusive cities.

The Project

Wetopia is a city-making initiative that emphasizes participatory design, collective creativity, and building new alliances from the bottom-up to make better, more resilient cities. It is an active intervention to stimulate more cooperation and to develop, research and demonstrate new alliances between policy makers (politicians, civil servants, community leaders, companies, institutions, etc.) and civil society (citizens, city makers, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, communities, etc).

Wetopia is a “living lab” that works locally in the field to connect people and projects, to try out solutions and possibilities, to explore, to learn, to understand, to work on new forms of democracy by co-creating and working together. Wetopia also uses frameworks of regenerative design and development—approaching a city as a living system where potential is everywhere—and translates these approaches to citizens.

Their Vision for the Future

WeTopia envisions a world where a collaborative, inclusive approach to ‘making cities together’ becomes a common practice. This means a better collaboration between all actors in society, where city-making reflects the knowledge, experience, and energy of citizens. WeTopia envisions better-balanced societies that support and benefit from strong and active citizenship.