Berlin, Germany







Wisenergy makes rollable, “plug and play” solar panels that make it possible for everyone to easily recharge their electronic devices using solar energy at home.

The Project

While it can be easy for people living in the countryside to put solar panels on their roof, people who live in cities have less possibility to do so. Especially for apartment renters. That was the motivation for Wisenergy, which developed a portable and Plug & Play rollable solar panel module with up to 40W of energy production. 

The solar panel can be hung on the windows or taken outside. And the energy produced can be used in two ways: either to power everyday appliances: cellphone, laptop or electrical bike, or to directly feed the main electricity grid enabling to cut your energy bills by up to 30% and track the amount of CO2 saved compared to the electricity grid. Besides the energy produced, these systems can actually cool down indoor spaces of a building hence reducing the energy needed for ACs or fans.

Their Vision for the Future

Wisenergy envisions a Future where society, people and daily habits will be transformed in order to accelerate the world’s energy transition. In their future, everyone has the possibility to power their home & appliances using 100% renewable energy.