Sehat Kahani 

Karachi, Pakistan







Through their mobile application and helpline, Sehat Kahani delivers
accessible remote health services while empowering female healthcare professionals.

The Project

Sehat Kahani delivers health services through a mobile application and 24/7 helpline,
responding to the shortage of healthcare staff during the Covid-19 pandemic and gender
disparities in healthcare. The app helps patients self-screen for Covid-19, access treatment
services, and receive health information and referrals. Additionally, the helpline provides
emergency medical responses and advice. Sehat Kahani also offers virtual appointments,
Covid-19 tracing, an information exchange hub, SMS reminders, e-pharmacy, e-labs, and a medical records system. Patients receive video consultations with female doctors, allowing the latter to deliver healthcare without risking exposure. The project socially and financially empowers 1,500
female doctors, helping them overcome cultural barriers preventing them from practicing. Sehat Kahani also makes healthcare accessible, convenient, and affordable for a wider population. Through telemedicine, Sehat Kahani aspires to improve health outcomes, access to healthcare, and the skills of healthcare providers.

Their Vision for the Future

Sehat Kahani envisions a shift from physical to digital health services, which can improve providers’ productivity and quality of care. The team sees a future where Artificial Intelligence and mobile health applications help patients track their health, diagnostic wait times are reduced, treatments are personalised, and medical research is shared efficiently.